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Aun: Lebanon needs 6 or 7 years to get out of its crisis


Beirut: “Al-Khaleej”, Agencies:

Lebanese President Michael Aun said his country “needs 6 or 7 years to get out of the crisis it has been experiencing” and stressed the importance of holding the Moronite patriot Bechara Boudros al-Rahi’s hostage, considering that the country has reached that crisis due to corruption. Legislative elections on time next year. These elections point to a “duty constitutional right”.

In a televised interview on Christmas Eve, Aun said, “Change is coming, it will happen. This change will be intellectual and practical. He added: “We have come to where we are as a result of sin, theft, corruption and the failure of the system. It’s a change that will take time, “he said.” It will take 6 or 7 years for Lebanon to recover from the crisis it is experiencing. “

For his part, al-Roy, during his Christmas sermon, addressed the President in his own words: “We strongly support your commitment to hold parliamentary elections on a constitutional date. Opportunity for change through the system. Aun said he would sign the order to conduct.

Al-Rahi further called on the government to meet with him, stressing that “failure to do so would set a precedent for future work by governments.” Al-Rahi stressed, “Our thoughts are with our Lebanese brothers and sisters who are suffering from poverty, hunger and the loss of simple lifestyles such as food, medicine and global warming. Al-Rahi stressed that the existence of a government without a cabinet is a strange phenomenon.” It allows uniqueness in administrative decisions without the care and approval of the government as a whole, and there are those who want to accustom the people in the absence of constitutional powers and other institutions of the organization to create another Lebanon that is not like itself, its structures, environment, history or civilization. Al-Rahi expressed his condolences to the families of the victims of the blast.

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He said: “Our thoughts go to our dear families who were the victims of the Beirut port bombing.

From these internal calculations, Amos Hochstein, the US ambassador to Lebanon, in the first half of next month, in the broadest sense, is awaiting completion of research on the file demarcation of the border.

The visit comes after the visit of United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, who stressed the need to define southern borders, maintain stability and implement international resolutions.

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