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Author Lulwa Al-Mansoori, 24-time “Gold Narrative” winner: Awards build bridges between writer and recipient.


Lulwa Al Mansoori (from source)

Friday 17 November 2023 / 19:10

Emirati writer Lulwa Al Mansouri confirmed that winning the “Chart of Gold” award has a moral return before any material returns.

In his statement to 24, “The award is very important, especially since it is in its first session, there is no doubt that it opens the horizon of participation with the group of Arab writers, which makes the writer reach the end. , and it is not specific to a particular land or region, awards in general contribute a lot to building bridges. ” between the writer and the receiver, whether this receiver is a critic, a reader, or simply interested in the world of writing. ”

Lulwa Al Mansoori recently won the Gold Narrative Award organized by the Abu Dhabi Center for Arabic Language for the short story branch of published narrative works with her short story collection “When the Earth Was Square” published by Emirates Writers. The Writers Guild and Abu Dhabi Group for Culture and the Arts, 2020, is inspired by the environment. Localism with an open perspective that deconstructs things, codes and data.

Al-Mansoori added, “When a writer applies for an award and wins it, he condenses several stages of his journey. Awards provide the writer with information, shed light on his work, and make the work more readable. Yes, awards come quickly. Bringing us closer to the reader, Shrink the levels and make us reach beyond the boundaries of geography and beyond our surroundings.” There are many positive aspects of awards, especially the motivation, sense of appreciation and this writer. Especially because he is appreciated in his country. These things play an important role and contribute to increase the motivation of the writer and to progress in his creative life and in his literary creation and giving, strong morale until there is return and appreciation .
He said of his successful collection “When the Earth Was Square”: “This collection consists of 19 short stories, which he began writing in 2018 and published in print in 2020. It had many themes related to the earth and space, but this place is at the same time like a magnifying glass on the world. , and in it, I worked on many symbols, including messages that come in the form of recurring numbers in life, and related to our communications in the environment, on earth, in the afterlife, ancient tombs and archaeological finds, as well as our hands of the first man who weaved myths and weaved the most important inscriptions for us. Contact. , and dated with us for generations and generations, and these symbols have become like art paintings on mountains so old and so deep that they must stop.

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On the background of his response to choosing the title of his collection “When the Earth Was Square”, he continued: “I don’t want to talk about it, but I leave it to the reader. The reader has many possibilities. I want to work mentally in this field after reading the collection of short stories, and the idea of ​​the title, Also find out why the earth is square.“To me”.
As for al-Mansoori’s next project, he explained: “This is a research project on water, in which he will complete his first research project, which was entitled Enlightenment Water.”
He said about his favorite forms of creativity: “I write novels and short stories, and I find myself in both genres, even in all kinds of writing, sometimes even in short stories and poems, but I’m not. Dare to publish an anthology yet, although I love writing and reading poetry, I hope to publish an anthology in the future, I find myself in all kinds of writing, I enjoy them equally, even in writing essays and research, whether they are works on philosophy and thought or on language, history, geography. And even works that tend to dig into the effects of archetypes, because I really enjoy the anthropological fields. A certain period, a deeper esoteric writing than superficial writing.”

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