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Awad Taj El-Din: Corona is not over yet… and we are facing a new wave of global pandemic


he said Dr. Mohammed Awad Taj El DinAdviser to the President on Health and Prevention Affairs, there is a new wave of corona injuries around the world because the virus has not ended and is still a global epidemic, explains: “There was. 10 days ago Corona cases have increased which means we are facing a new wave.“.

Taj El-Din added in a telephone interview to the program “Good Morning Egypt” on Egyptian Channel One and the Egyptian satellite channel, hosted by Mustafa Ghafafi and Basant Al-Hussaini: “The symptoms of Corona in the current period are similar. Many symptoms like a cold, and this is the distinguishing feature of all viral respiratory infections.” , and there is a simple mutant of Omicron mutant, but most are 85% and 90%. The symptoms are very simple and similar. Does not affect the cold and lower respiratory tract (lungs) much and Focuses on the upper respiratory tract.“.

And the President’s Adviser on Preventive Health Affairs continued: “90% of the symptoms are sore throat, some swelling in the throat, cough, sneezing, phlegm, cracks in the body and high temperature, but minor symptoms are more annoying, so the patient can complain about them for 5 days.”

As the number of infections continues to rise, Muhammad Awad Taj El-Din, Adviser to the President on Health and Prevention Affairs, emphasized the need to adhere to precautionary measures to avoid contracting the new coronavirus. In the last period..

He continued: “Injuries among family members are increasing, because there are families with injuries among more than one person, and some kind of regional isolation is required to prevent the spread of infection to the family or community, or in transport or other places, the use of masks.”

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And the President’s Adviser on Preventive Health Affairs added: “It is necessary to use masks and get medicines to deal with the remaining cases, and if the corona infection is confirmed, the doctors refer virologists to these. Cases, especially the elderly, owners of chronic diseases and other dangerous groups.” “.

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