March 27, 2023

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Barbados today is liberated from the power of the British Crown and becomes a republic

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Barbados, whose mother Elizabeth II was ousted at an official ceremony attended by Prince Charles, Crown Prince of England, was freed from British monarchy on Tuesday morning and became the new republic of the world. He is the incumbent President of this country.

During the ceremony, the Governor-General of the Caribbean, Sandra Mason, was sworn in as President of the Emerging Republic, and the British crown was lowered to symbolize the subjugation of Queen Elizabeth II to the authority of Barbados.

“I, Sandra Brunella Mason, swear allegiance to Barbados and to it according to the law, may God help me,” Mason said during his inauguration.

Barbados held its first presidential election in October, 13 months after announcing the secession of the Constitution from the British Crown.

Named the Pearl of the Lesser Antilles with a population of approximately 287,000, the new Republic, named for its magnificent beaches, will no longer face the economic impact of the COVID-19 epidemic on tourism and the imbalances of the colonial past. .

The establishment of an independent republic in this small Caribbean country since 1966 came after many years of local propaganda and centuries of debate over British influence, which was halted by two hundred years of slavery.

Prior to the spread of the Corona, the island, known for its clear waters, was visited by more than a million tourists each year.