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Barcelona beat Elsewhere in the Spanish League with difficulty


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In the eighteenth round of the Spanish Football League on Saturday, Barcelona defeated their host Elsewhere 3/2, with Rayo Vallecano beating Deportivo Alves 2-0 and Villarreal beating Real Sociedad 3/1.

Barcelona’s goals were scored by Ferran Cujilla, Pablo Gavira and Nicolas Gonzalez in the 16th, 19th and 85th minutes, while Else’s were scored by Tide Morண்டnde in the 62nd minute and Perry Milla in the 63rd minute.

Barcelona increased their score to 27 points in seventh place, while Else’s draw ended in 16th place with 15 points.

The start of the game came to a normal level, Barcelona quickly controlled the course of the crowd and continued its offensive efforts in search of a goal. In response, the Elsewhere players retreated to their midfield. Barcelona players who rely on counter-attacks whenever the opportunity arises.

Barcelona’s attacking goal came in the 16th minute when Usman Tembele sent the ball into the Else penalty area, which was deflected by Ferran Kotzilla and headed home.

Only three minutes passed until Barcelona confirmed their lead with a second goal, Pablo Cavira got the ball in the middle of the pitch, then accelerated it into the penalty area and a powerful ground ball hit the right post and embraced the net.

After the goal, Elsa dropped a little defensive alert and tried to exchange Barcelona attacks to reduce the difference, and Elsa actually scored his first goal in the 24th minute when Enzo Rocco reached inside the penalty area. Threw the ball away from the goal.

Barcelona scored the third goal in the 33rd minute when Usman Tembele penetrated the ball into the penalty area from the right side but it went next to the left post.

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After that attack, Barcelona tried to control the course of the match and launch attacks with the aim of reducing the difference, but imposed control over the course of the match and captured the ball for most of the time, but both teams failed to pose any risk for two goals to limit the game in midfield.
The game was limited to the center of the field until the referee blew the whistle at the end of the first half, with Barcelona leading by two goals.

At the start of the second half, the Else team scored their first goal, a cross from the left, which was faced by Lucas Paul from within the penalty area, but Mark-Andre der Stegen, Barcelona goalkeeper, performed well and saved it.

In the 48th minute, after Jordi Alba missed the ball, Lucas Perez scored the first goal for Elseck, so when Der Stegen left his goal, Perez scored it into the penalty area, but his ball came too far away from the goal.

As time went on, the Barcelona team began to exert its control over the crowd and continued its offensive efforts in search of a third goal. , But they failed to create any danger in the goal of the other to limit the game in the middle of the field.
The game was limited to midfield until the 58th minute, when Barcelona saw a dangerous chance when Ferran Gutkla got the ball on the edge of the penalty area before hitting a powerful ground ball, which was blocked by Else goalkeeper Edgar Padia. His fingertips.

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In the 62nd minute, Elsie scored his first goal, with Titti Morendi getting the ball on the edge of the penalty area from the right side, before a powerful shot.

A minute later, from inside the penalty area, Titty Moriando crossed a cross, and Perry Milla headed in a goal into the back of the net, before Elsa equalized.
When Barcelona scored the third goal in the 66th minute, Pablo Gavira from left-footed Enzo Rocco, a cross from Else Defender’s head was deflected by Ferran Gutkla with a shot from six yards out, but his ball crossed it. Cross bar.
Also in the 75th minute, Barcelona missed the chance to score the third goal, Abdel Samad El Salzouli got a through ball to avoid goalkeeper Edgar Patia, but the ball went to reach Nicolas Gonzalez, who scored Else defender Helibeldon. Palacios was removed from the goal line.

Barcelona’s attacking attempts scored the third goal in the 85th minute when he played a ground cross pass to Nicolas Gonzalez, who embraced it into the net with a powerful shot.

The rest of the second half went by with nothing new, so at the end of the match the referee blew the whistle and Barcelona won 3/2.

In the second match, Rayo Vallecano defeated Deportivo Alaves 2-0.
Vigano’s goals were scored by Sergio Navarro and Alejandro Catena in the 19th and 26th minutes.

Rayo Vallecano increased his score to 30 points in fourth place, and Alaves’ tie in 17th place with 15 points.

In the third match, Villarreal defeated Real Sociedad 3/1.

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Villarreal’s goals were scored by Gerard Moreno (two goals) in the 38th and 68th minutes, and Samuel Suez in the sixth minute of stoppage time, while Real Sociedad Alexandre Isaac scored in the 32nd minute.

Michael O’Reilly was sent off in the 49th minute of the match.

Villarreal lifted his score to 22 points in tenth place, and Sociedad’s draw finished sixth with 29 points.


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