March 23, 2023

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Barcelona will not lose hope of winning the Spanish league

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Despite being 15 points behind Real Madrid, Barcelona captain Jon Laborda has confirmed that Barcelona will not lose hope in their bid to win the Spanish Football League title.

One day, Real Madrid turned the table over to Seville, one of the top four teams in the rankings, and beat it 3/2 on Monday, when coach Xavi Hernandez’s side lost 1-0 to Cadiz.

Real Madrid have two direct clashes with top teams in the standings against both Real Betis and Atletico Madrid, but a 15-point difference in the rankings could confirm the title for the Royals.

Nonetheless, Laborda refuses to succumb to frustration and expects an unexpected resurgence for Barcelona, ​​who hold a game in hand.

“This week is like the week of Christ’s passion,” Laborda told a news conference Tuesday.

He added: “Holy Thursday is disappointing. We ended Easter with another disappointment. We need to recover and regain our strength. I can not lose hope after yesterday’s setback.”

Cadiz’s loss caused more problems last week as Barcelona were knocked out of the European League by Eintracht Frankfurt last Thursday.

“We were fine, but now we are at a dead end,” Laborda explained.
He continued, “At the end of the season we performed better, we had a good result at the Santiago Bernabeu (4/0 win over Real Madrid) and we are now struggling to win.”

Laporta said: “It is clear we did not play well against Eintracht Frankfurt in the first leg, we lost in the second leg and we suffered against Levante.”

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He added: “Chavez is analyzing what happened and looking for solutions, but we have to take into account the injuries we suffered. A player like Petrie is a special player, but he was injured.”