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Because the Tatar was named after him.. Mahmoud Hamida’s daughter attacks a producer


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Saturday, April 22, 2023

I wrote – Manal El Jioshi:

Iman Hamida, daughter of star Mahmoud Hamida, attacked the producer of the movie “Harley” because her father’s name was kept in Tatar, which violates the contract signed by the great artist.

Eman published two copies of the contract through his official Facebook account, and wrote: “Respect for others comes from self-respect, lack of respect, appreciation or respect for professional, moral and ethical rights is a good example, and non-compliance with the legal agreements of the contracting parties between themselves, those who respect their work and others. .” The following happened.”

And he continued, “Being the manager of actor Mahmoud Hamida, watching movies is an essential part of my pursuit of work, so today I went to the theater to watch Harley’s movie because I was not informed. The place or location of the special show.”

And he added: “More than once I asked the people responsible for the work, either from the Royal Sun production company represented by Samar Al-Mihtar or from the company that runs Show Media, to know how the scenes of the film were created. The production was represented by Mahmoud Elshek and no one gave me an answer except that he said “the credits haven’t been worked out yet” and that was three days before the movie was shown.

And he continued: “I was surprised to write the name of Mahmoud Hamida after the name of the film, and even after the name of one of the heroes of the work, this is a clear violation of the item in the lines of what was agreed. In the contract between me and the production company, as shown in the picture, it was done on the advice of Mahmoud Al-Sheikh, the executive producer.

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The movie “Harley” hit theaters last Thursday, starring: Mohammad Ramadan, Mahmoud Hamida, Mai Omar, Ahmad Dash, Hosni Shetta, and directed by Mohammad Samir.

Mahmood Hamida

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