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Before selling a smartphone .. Basic steps to implement compulsorily


The benefits are evolving Smart phones Year after year, many people are eager to pursue it Technology Smartphones buy new ones as soon as they are introduced in the market and then sell their devices. However, the step may be without confusion, as some may lose Information Or leave personal information about him on the phone that was sold, which could put him in serious trouble. “” readers who want to sell their smartphones need to follow the following steps to safely switch from one device to another.

Necessary steps before selling a smartphone

The factory reset process will erase all the contents of the smartphone from the personal information, but this step will not change the exit from the accounts

Now according to gadgets, the use of the following steps can be useful when you want to sell a smartphone:

  • Backup: It is mandatory to have a backup copy of the contacts on the phone, especially if the Android system is running the latter. The specified copy is often stored in a Google Account. If this is not done then go to to make sure the contacts are synced manually. On the other hand, messages and call logs can be backed up using an external program such as SMS backup and reset or “Google Drive” cloud operating system, and data can be retrieved from this site to save it on the new phone. The same method applies to backing up call records.
  • Copy photos and videos: There are many trusted cloud platforms, including “Google Drive”, “Dropbox” and “OneDrive” … specific sites that allow you to keep copies of photos and videos for later recovery. On the other hand, photos and videos will be transferred to an external storage device (SSD, for example) until you get a new phone.
  • Log out and delete accounts: The factory reset process will erase all the personal information on the smartphone, but this action will not change the login from the accounts on the phone. Therefore, it is important to log out of your Google Account and other online accounts before proceeding with a factory reset. You can verify this by searching for “Accounts” in your phone settings or going to “Accounts” via email (Gmail) settings.
  • Backup WhatsApp Messages: Before selling the phone, it is useful to save the conversations that belong to the “WhatsApp” application, and to create a backup of the chats using the following steps: Go to the “WhatsApp” settings and make a backup. If the application is reinstalled on a modern phone, backups of chats can be restored.
  • Factory reset: This step is necessary to remove personal data from the smartphone and to disconnect the new user. The step is used by following these steps: Search for “Reset” in the phone settings and select “Erase All Data, Factory Reset”.
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Useful points before selling a mobile phone

Many people may not notice the extra memory micro SD because the latter is removable and can hold information in it.

On the other hand, there are some other tips that the Android Authority should keep in mind:

  • Remove (or clean up) extra memory: The extra micro SD memory may go unnoticed by many because the latter is removable and can hold information on it. If you plan to sell the memory with the phone, it is necessary to make a backup copy of the contents of the card before erasing it.
It is a good idea to clean your phone before selling it
  • Phone cleaning: Before selling a smartphone, this little step is a kind of gesture on your part. Therefore, when cleaning the inside of the ports, be sure to wipe the screen and remove any dust or debris from it. It is okay if the device is fully charged.

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