June 2, 2023

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Beginning of the end with Al-Hilal.. “If only Salem Al-Dosari cared about his condition as much as he cared about his haircut!”

Tornado put himself under everyone’s guillotine with his behavior in front of Urawa!


Salem al-Dosari was hanged by many. Saudi Arabia’s Al-Hilal left-winger had some strange behavior and his team to play with ten players against Japan’s Urawa Red yesterday.

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Toronto was sent off four minutes before the end of the match after an unfair kick to an opponent without the ball to confirm his official absence from the second leg scheduled for next May 6 in Saitama.

Regarding Al-Dosari’s disgraceful behavior, sports journalist Saeed Abu Tahesh, in his reports for the “Sports Harvest” project, noted: “If Salem were as concerned about his position as they were about his decision and the letter he drew, Al-Hilal would have favored him in the first leg.” Concluded, the return leg is considered in favor of Urawa, it is not difficult for Al-Hilal, but we have to say that he made a mistake to the one who made the mistake.

Fahad Al-Jaludi continued in reports of the same event: “I’m not worried about Salem’s absence in the second leg. Despite being sent off twice in front of Urawa, they say Al-Dosari is the final man. And in front of Al-Nasr, he was technically one of the worst players, six months later. The common kingdom to host the Club World Cup, except that he came back a few months before the World Cup and won against Argentina.Experience, his behavior was disgraceful.

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And, “Today, I think his absence has not worked, but instead Michael has had a chance. Basically, Al-Dosari has appeared in one match in the last two seasons and disappeared in five. This season I fear. The beginning of the end with Al-Hilal!”

Notably, the match ended in a 1-1 draw, serving Urawa as a goalless draw in the second leg would be enough to clinch the title.

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