June 8, 2023

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Behold… Unbelievable selfies from Pharaoh’s era!

Behold… Unbelievable selfies from Pharaoh’s era!

Ancient Polynesian Warriors (Source: Credit: Reddit / _m0us316)

Is it fair?

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We would never have imagined for a moment that we would be able to see the “selfies” of humans since ancient times, but the fantasy has become a reality thanks to artificial intelligence, which has begun to infiltrate many things that humans have long dreamed of. will reach

Artificial intelligence revealed what group “selfies” looked like in different eras, dating back to times when humans didn’t know the modern technologies we have today.

Ancient Egyptian warriors

AI does that

A user on Reddit posted a long series of old selfies, looking like a time traveler.

British newspaper, The Sun reported that the creator of the film used artificial intelligence called Midjourney.

Viking warriors from about 700 to 1100

The images have garnered thousands of likes on Reddit for comparing people from different eras to people in the 21st century.


The images also include different races and periods from many regions around the world, such as ancient Polynesian warriors, cavemen, and American Indians.

Native American soldiers

They include images of Viking warriors from around 700 to 1100, British warriors from around 1878, ancient Egyptian warriors and more.

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