May 28, 2023

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Belbaladi: Chico responds to Ahmad Fahmi’s statements on the benefits of triad separation: Everyone thinks with a different brain – Belbaladi’s video star Chico has responded to reports from her friend, star Ahmed Fahmy, who recently said that her break-up had great benefits for her, Chico and Hisham Majeed.

Chico said: “Everyone thinks with different brains. At first, our thinking was the same. After we grew up together at work, we each think differently, and it was very difficult to find an idea suitable for the three heroes. Among them, this thing was achieved through separation,” The Insider in His reports on the Arab project suggest.

And he continued: As to my opinion of the work of Ahmad Fahmi, my testimony is wounded, and Ahmad is my brother.

In another interview with “Al Tafra” channel, Chico denied the existence of a second part of the “World War III” movie: “If the three have a movie, the whole thing is not beyond thinking. A second part of it can be given, what is it?” We said (World War III) without going into any details or any agreement.

On the other hand, Chico is currently showing the movie “Ibn Al-Haj Ahmad” in theaters, which is Chico’s first solo act after numerous successful experiences, through which the trio, including Ahmad Fahmi and Hisham Majid, rose to fame. The last of which was the film World War III, then a group of two-sided experiences with artist Hisham Majeed, the last of which was the film Heart of His Mother and the game series, which was a huge success in its first three seasons. Awaiting its fourth season.

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