May 18, 2022

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Betrayal or error output? Tina L-Sherpini’s mobile questions on “The Walk” series | News

The fourth episode of “The Walk” saw Maher Ward split after escaping from Wajih al-Shorbaki’s gang.

Maher Ward and their son Rahim hid in a tram garage in Alexandria, and Maher decided to exchange dollars at an exchange office at night and buy food for his son Rahim.

On his return to the garage, the suspect went to the police station the next morning before being released, as his name was similar to that of a wanted person.

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At the same time, Ward felt the danger while staying in the garage with Rahim, so she decided to leave her husband’s clothes bag in its place and leave the place with the money bag in the morning.

Maher left the police station and tried to call his wife from a passerby’s phone, but his phone was turned off, and we later learned that he was looking for a place to connect the phone charger to the electricity so he could talk to someone.

It is worth noting that when a phone is placed in the charger, its screen battery charge is displayed at 9%, contrary to what is said in this situation, the phone will start when its empty battery is charged. From 0%.

Mobile on display

Did the makers of the series err in my direction or did they try to escape from Ward Maher with greed for the money stolen from Wajih al-Shorbaki? Upcoming events will answer this.

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The “Al-Mashwar” series will air on the dmc channel at 8:10 pm, reprinted at 1:45 am and 2:00 pm.

The “Al Mishwar” series, starring Mohammed Ramadan, Dina L. Sherbini, Ahmed Magdi, Baomi Fouad, Sabri Fawaz, Ahmed Kamal, Carolyn Khalil and others, was written by Mohammad Farid, produced and directed by Mohammad Yassin.

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