June 9, 2023

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“Between the Lines” on Dubai Today Screen hosted by Omani Huda Hamad

The eleventh episode in the first season of “Between the Lines” airs every Thursday at 10:30pm on Dubai TV and is hosted by writer Dr. Parvin Habib, Omani writer Huda Hamad, owner. YouTube channel for studying and social media enthusiast. Encouraging people to read so that we can learn about the important issue of reading and social media within an interesting and beautiful conversation.

As magazines disappear and paper newspapers die out or are replaced by electronic news, are these traditional means still valid or should they catch up with the means of communication? In light of the proliferation of channels that condense books on YouTube and the emergence of a large audiobook industry, does the intellectual read with his ears, and sometimes listening to summaries suffice? The episode raises several issues related to reading and social media.

On the other hand, writer Huda will talk about his journey from his beginnings in all its details and its various challenges in the field of writing and his role in promoting reading and attracting people through social media platforms. The program “Between the Lines” presents a group of literary, cultural and artistic names from various creative fields, and it is worth noting that there are many personalities who have influenced various walks of life in interesting and diverse conversations that take us to the worlds. Thought, craft, word, creativity and the arts in all its forms.