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Biden administration fears “backlash” from Gaza tragedy


Wednesday 1 November 2023 / 21:39

A report by the American CNN network revealed that President Joe Biden and his administration are facing increasing questions about Israeli attacks on civilians, and the network wondered what effect the scenes from Gaza would have on his standing within the United States.

The report said allies of the US administration felt that the Israeli response to the Hamas offensive, especially after the “massive” bombing targeting the Jabaliya camp, could become unacceptable to the White House.

CNN said: “Despite widespread scenes of bloody destruction, the bombing of Jabaliya exposes the tightrope the Biden administration is trying to walk by insisting that Israel is trying to minimize civilian casualties in Gaza. “A ceasefire.”
According to the report, the US administration fears that Israel will be isolated if international support for Israel declines due to the high number of civilian deaths.
The report indicated that US officials realize that every “humanitarian massacre” will be accompanied by pressure to condemn Israeli actions, which the White House has so far denied.
A source close to the Biden team confirmed that there is “concern and sympathy with the civilian killings,” but that it has not yet caused a collapse in Israel’s strong defenses.

It pointed out that Biden succeeded in using his influence to alleviate human suffering in Gaza by restoring humanitarian aid and communications at a time when the network believed the Israelis were not complying with US directives regarding civilians.
CNN cited a source “familiar with the administration’s thinking” as saying, “There is a recognition that public opinion on Israel will eventually change,” indicating that it is prompting officials to keep reminding Americans of the October 7 Hamas attack.

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