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Biden faces a backlash from the deep state over his support for Israel Political News



US President Joe Biden is facing a backlash from some quarters of the deep state over his support for Israel in its war against the Palestinian Islamist movement (Hamas), the Wall Street Journal reported.

The newspaper, which is known to be conservative and pro-Israel, sent at least 500 appointees and staffers from 40 agencies, including the National Security Council and the Justice Department, to the editorial board, according to news reports. A letter was sent to Biden calling for a cease-fire, the fires in Gaza and a “de-escalation” between Israel and Hamas.

The text of the letter – which describes its signatories as anonymous and courageous – states that “Americans do not want the US military to be dragged into another costly and absurd war in the Middle East.”

The same applies to more than 1,000 USAID employees who signed a similar letter, the editorial board said in its editorial.

“Unless the US government calls for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, we believe that another catastrophic loss of human life cannot be avoided,” the letter said. The letter added that the signatories were withholding their names “out of fear for our personal safety and the possibility of losing our jobs.”

Commenting on what was said in the last letter, the newspaper – represented by its editorial board – believes that democracy means nothing if its signatories do not lose their jobs, or resign “with dignity” if they cannot support (the agenda) of their president, whom it describes as complainants, who are a part of the workers. is division.

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He emphasized that the function of the executive branch is to implement the president’s policies and not to conduct a campaign to pressure them to change through the letters and leaks of anonymous signatories.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

However, the newspaper acknowledges that dissatisfaction with Biden’s policy on Israel is also spreading to the State Department — in the form of counter-telegraphs. The difference between the above two letters is that, according to the opening essay, the natural channel for directing internal criticism.

Part of the problem here, in the editors’ view, is that civil service protections are so broad that accountability is difficult, as one opposition career bureaucrat said, “It gives them a certain degree of impunity when they want to rebel against the policy of the president-elect.”

The Wall Street Journal editorial board criticized this behavior by government officials, saying that this is not how a democratic government should act.

Internal rebellion

Commenting on the matter, the French newspaper Le Monde said that the peculiarity of this internal revolt comes from the many leaks to the press, a sign of internal indiscipline.

In this regard, Axios – for example – published the contents of an internal email sent by Sylvia Yacoub, a young diplomat working in the Office of Middle Eastern Affairs, through which she tried to collect signatures, and received about 100 signatures in support. He referred to Joe Biden as “complicit in genocide” through his unwavering support for Israel.

Amid these protests, Le Monde noted that Foreign Secretary Anthony Blinken met with some important diplomats on October 26.Last OctoberAccording to the Huffington Post website.

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Commenting on what is happening, Le Monde said it is difficult to gauge the level of opposition from outside official circles, but this discontent has led to a realignment of the official US position in recent weeks, and more attention has been paid to the plight. Palestinian civilians, according to the newspaper.

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