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Big bubble floating in water in the middle of the street in Norway.. What is its secret?


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – “In the middle of the street, surrounded by mountains, I saw a big bubble floating on the surface of the water, and I said: Great, I’ll eat there,” this is what Hungarian foodie Alexander Varga explained in an interview with the CNN Arabic website.

After a friend told her about a salmon eye center opening in Norway, Varga decided to check it out.

In fact, he was only there for 3 days.

Salmon Eye is a center of inspiration and spreading awareness about how to provide more seafood to the world.

The Salmon Eye website explains that it highlights the opportunities and challenges facing the aquaculture industry.

The fish-eye-shaped structure is located in the center of Hardanger Fjord and is the largest floating art installation in the world, explained the “Visit Norway” website. (Watch video above)

Restaurant “Iris”

Varga attracted the attention of the “Iris” restaurant, which specializes in the field of food. He explained: “The place is literally a theater… The kitchen staff are the main actors, especially chef Annika Madsen… I’m amazed by every dish she makes because she uses so intense and deep flavors and ingredients.” “.

According to the “Visit Norway” website, the restaurant offers a unique tasting menu with 18 dishes.

“As soon as we entered the restaurant, the music, lights and video projections started … it was a complete audio-visual experience,” Varga said.

Food, hospitality and location combine to form a holy trinity for a perfect dining experience.

Varga was delighted to exhibit this artistic marvel.

How to get there?

Varga’s plane landed in Bergen, Norway, and he speedboated to Roosendaal.

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In fact, salmon can be visited anytime. Varga moved to the center in June and thought the timing was right.

Varga has been frequenting Michelin-starred restaurants for years, but realizes that many of the best places don’t get the recognition they deserve. In turn, he decided to highlight it through his YouTube channel called “Alexander the Guest”.

“I appreciate all kinds of precision, dedication and passion, and I believe that fine dining is an exceptional field,” he said.

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