March 25, 2023

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Bill Gates and his ex-wife are making donations with this large sum in 2021

12/31 22:23

2021 was a good year for charity, one of the largest multi-billion dollar contributions of more than a decade, according to the Chronicle of Philanthropy.

Although Bill Gates and Melinda French Gates announced their divorce in May, but they also announced a $ 15 billion donation to their foundation in July.

This donation will enhance the Foundation’s grants and support its larger work in the areas of health, development and education. A +Especially the United States.

The donation raised the share of charitable donations to about $ 65 billion, and was the biggest needle since Bill and Melinda Gates transferred a share of Microsoft shares valued at $ 20 million to the Foundation since 2000.

When announcing the grant this year, the two indicated that they currently plan to continue the foundation, but two years later, Melinda made it clear that she would resign from the board if the two did not decide not to work together. Directors and Trustees.

Regardless, the two, in their new letters of commitment, intend to continue to make large donations in the years to come.

Melinda said she would continue to support efforts to combat poverty and “promote equality for women, girls and other marginalized groups.”

In his letter, Bell noted that the Foundation’s work continues to be his “most important charitable priority” and plans to increase its donations to other areas, such as mitigating and dealing with climate change. Alzheimer’s disease“.

While Bill Gates’ net worth is estimated at $ 137 billion, Melinda’s assets are worth $ 6 billion, making nonprofits focused on such issues likely to make huge profits.

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