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Boeing: A strong response from the aviation industry in the UAE to reduce carbon footprint


American Boeing confirmed that the UAE is playing a key role in promoting and accelerating joint international efforts to reduce the carbon footprint of the aviation industry, which accounts for around 2.5% of global emissions, indicating a strong response from the aviation industry in the Emirates. To support these efforts.

During a press conference held in Dubai yesterday, the agency said that the UAE is among the first countries to show a firm commitment to address the challenges of climate change over the years and is leading the way. It signed the “Paris Agreement” and launched its strategy for carbon neutrality 2050.

In a presentation during the conference, he explained that the aviation industry in the UAE has shown a strong response in supporting these efforts with Emirates Airlines and Etihad Airways engaging in critical trials of using sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). More advanced levels have recently been reached.Emirates Airlines has implemented a test flight with a Boeing 777-300ER using 100% sustainable jet fuel in one of its engines.

Stable fuel

“Sustainable aviation fuels are now widely accepted as alternatives to conventional fuels used by current aircraft and offer the greatest potential to reduce carbon emissions globally over the next 20 to 30 years,” said Brian Moran, Vice President of Global Sustainability Policy. Partnership in Boeing Aircraft Industries.

He added, “When produced sustainably, sustainable jet fuel can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by up to 80% over its life cycle compared to petroleum fuel, with the potential to reach 100% in the future.”

Strong combination

In turn, Colgate Kata Ora, president of Boeing Middle East, Turkey and Africa, said: “(Boeing) and the UAE have developed a strong partnership over the past decade, at a time when our joint efforts reflect, to advance sustainable efforts. A common vision is that the transition to the future is a carbon-neutral environment that brings environmental benefits while creating new jobs, spurring economic growth and unleashing diversified business opportunities.

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“Boeing” successfully conducted a test flight with “Etihad Airways” in 2021, using 50% standard jet fuel with conventional jet fuel, representing the first test flight in the region, and “Boeing” also signed. While “Emirates Airlines” Boeing 777-300ER completed a successful test in 2023, MoU with “Institute Masdar for Science and Technology” to cooperate in sustainable aviation research and promote the development and use of sustainable aviation fuel in the region. 100% sustainable aviation fuel powered aircraft.

He said the company expanded its collaboration with AMIDEAST in the UAE and launched a new three-year program titled “Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics for Sustainability”, a move that is testament to Boeing’s commitment. Carbon emissions in the aviation industry and paving the way for a more sustainable future in the Middle East and beyond.

He emphasized that Boeing will continue to work closely with customers and governments in the UAE and around the world to achieve the company’s bold ambitions to reduce the effects of climate change and strengthen the civil aviation sector’s commitment to achieving net zero carbon emissions. 2050

He expressed the company’s readiness to present several initiatives throughout the “Dubai Airshow” and the “COP28” summit.

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