June 6, 2023

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"Bologna" chooses the "Book of Sharjah" as the gateway to Italian culture

“Bologna” chooses the “Book of Sharjah” as the gateway to Italian culture

As a new step in stabilizing Sharjah’s position in global knowledge capitals, the management of the Bologna International Book Fair has selected the “Sharjah International Book Fair” as one of the four major international exhibitions that will be the center for Italian cultural dialogue. Revealed that the choice came due to the global Asia and North African continent, and the exhibition represented him internationally from a large project with long experience among the most important and important international cultural events.

This took place during the participation of the Sharjah Book Commission in the activities of the 73rd session of the Frankfurt International Book Fair, where the authority revealed the plan of action for the selection of Sharjah as the Guest of Honor for the Bologna International Children’s Book Fair 2022. Cultural projects.

Al-Amiri stressed that the selection of the Sharjah International Book Fair as one of the four international book fairs as a gateway to Italian cultural dialogue with the world was the result of their guidance and support by His Highness Sheikh Doctor after being selected as the Emirate Guest. Honors at the 2022 Bologna International Children’s Book Fair.

Al Ameri explained that the Sharjah Guest of Honor event at the Bologna Exhibition will enrich the public experience with a series of events including the exhibition and theatrical performances held in the schools of the Italian city of Bologna. The development of the field of education and the literature dedicated to children in the future embodied Sharjah’s message to the world on the ground.

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Commenting on the role of power in the Frankfurt events, Al-Ameri said: “We are interested in participating in international book fairs because they represent opportunities for Sharjah to achieve its vision of strengthening collaboration and collaboration with cultural institutions and publishers in various countries. Participating in the Frankfurt Book Fair is one of the key positions on the Commission’s agenda.