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Both sides in Sudan conflict discuss stabilizing ceasefire in Jeddah.. and intermittent clashes in Khartoum


The Sudanese army released video footage of its forces taking control of areas in Khartoum North and Signal Corps.

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Clashes and explosions rang out again in separate parts of the city Khartoum is the capital of Sudan. Sources and eyewitnesses told Al-Arabia that military jets were flying near the Republican Palace and Airport Street when rapid support forces retaliated with anti-aircraft guns, sending smoke billowing into the sky. Cardamom.

The Sudanese army released video clips of its forces taking control of areas in Khartoum North and Signal Corps.

In this context, the commander of the Red Sea Military Region, Major General Muhammad Othman, announced that there were no members of the Rapid Support Forces in the Red Sea State, thereby enabling the military forces to capture the headquarters. Quick Support Forces in the state.

The Gulf Cooperation Council welcomed the Saudi-US initiative to start preliminary talks between representatives of the Sudan Armed Forces and representatives of the Rapid Support Forces.

The Secretary General of the Council, Jassem Al-Budaywi, praised the efforts and efforts made by Saudi Arabia and the United States to prepare the necessary platform for dialogue with all parties and reduce the level of security and tension. Aids in providing stability and humanitarian assistance to Sudan and its people.

He expressed hope that the talks would contribute to reaching a political solution that preserves the unity and integrity of government institutions and achieves the aspirations of the Sudanese people.

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The Kingdom of Bahrain has welcomed a Saudi-US initiative to begin preliminary talks between representatives of the Sudanese Armed Forces in the city of Jeddah and the Rapid Support Forces in the fraternal Republic of Sudan to end and halt military operations. Conflict.

The Kingdom of Bahrain calls on all parties in the Republic of Sudan to prioritize wisdom and serious commitment to stop the bloodshed, provide security for citizens and diplomats, provide humanitarian aid to affected areas, and implement the Political Framework Agreement. To reach a final agreement that meets the aspirations of the fraternal Sudanese people for security, peace, stability and political and economic progress and society.

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