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Brad Pitt lost to Angelina Jolie again


Again, the American star lost Brad Pitt In front of his star ex-wife Angelina Jolie In a case involving the protection of his children.
In June, Brad Pitt, 57, filed an appeal against the disqualification of a special judge to handle the custody of his children.
Accordingly, the new ruling invalidates an earlier ruling that gave Brad Pitt the right to see his children for a longer period of time.
The verdict is bringing the case back to the forefront as the legal battle between the 46-year-old star and her ex-husband is expected to resume.

Angelina Jolie with her children to promote the movie “Eternal”

Angelina Jolie’s family in her latest photo – photo from USA Today

While experiencing the bitterness of losing the Brad Pitt case, Angelina Jolie is living on special days with her 5 children: Zahara, 16, Maddox, 20 and Shiloh, 15, and her new film “Eternals” from the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the United States, Rome and London. “The twins, 13-year-old Vivienne and Knox, besides her 17-year-old son Box on the red carpet during the first scene.

Revenge case from custody

Brad Pitt – Film via Entertainment

In September, Brad Pitt criticized Angelina and filed a lawsuit against her, describing her as a “revenge”.
The actress accused Brad of “legitimate bans” on her withdrawal from a deal to sell her $ 164 million shares in France.
According to documents received by the Daily Mail, the two split the $ 164 million mansion and vineyard, with Brad holding 60 percent and Angelina 40 percent. Before splitting in 2016, Pete transferred 10 percent of his shares to Angelina, which became an equity share.
As part of their deal, the ex-couple agreed to ask each other for permission if they wanted to sell their shares. However, the lawsuit alleges that Jolie secretly tried to sell her shares without giving her the right to deny her shares in the first place, despite claiming that she had invested “large amounts of work, time and money”.

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