October 2, 2022

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Bright pages of the African Nations Cup

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There is strong talk of numerous organizational and equipment issues in the current edition of the Men’s African Nations Cup taking place in Cameroon.

With temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius and humidity close to 80 percent, the conditions on the grounds are below average, according to reviews.

All of these factors stressed the players and posed additional challenges, and the organizing country is in a bad position.

However, the African Cup of Nations in Cameroon is not so bad.

This edition was the first women’s referee in the African final, represented by Rwandan’s Salima Mukensanga, who refereed the first Group B match between Guinea and Malawi at the “Kyokong Stadium” the day after the start of the match.

Fatiha al-Germaumi of Morocco is one of the names on the list. And this time he was the assistant referee on the team led by the international Samir Kazas, with the help of Zakaria Princy and Ratwan Gaid, in the “War” room besides Hassan Aska in the match that united Mali and the Gambia teams.

Al Germaimi became the first Moroccan player to officiate the African Cup final, and the second Continental player after Cameroon’s Karen.

His comrade Bushra al-Karboobi was also on the jury for the same match, and he received the job of “war” referee.

Notably, Karpobi, who works as an officer at Moroccan Security, was the first Moroccan woman to officiate a local Premier League “Men” match.

Fourth Wisdom on the list Cameron Karen Adamsapong became the first woman in African football history to accept the role of “assistant referee” at the Continental Nations Cup.

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