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British study: “Delta mutation” victims in hospitals are twice as likely as “alpha”


A recent study has added new evidence confirming that delta, which is mutated by the growing corona virus, is highly dangerous, highly contagious and widespread.CNN Newsletter.

The study, conducted by researchers at the University of Cambridge and the University of Cambridge on public health, found that patients with delta mutations were twice as likely to be hospitalized as alpha mutants.

The study, published in the journal The Lancet, which specializes in infectious diseases, included data on 8,682 patients with Covit-19 and 34,656 patients with alpha variant in the UK affected by the delta variant, and 74 percent of patients in both groups were not vaccinated with the vaccine.

The study, conducted between March 29 and May 23 this year, confirmed that 2.3 percent of delta patients and 2.2 percent of alpha patients were infected with the growing corona virus and were hospitalized within two weeks.

But after the researchers took into account certain factors that could increase the patient’s risk, such as the patient’s age or vaccine status, the risk of requiring intensive treatment was associated with a 1.1.45-fold increase in the delta mutator 2.16-fold increase.

The researchers found that the results of their study were similar to those previously conducted in separate research in Scotland, and found that delta patients were more likely to be hospitalized within 14 days than those with the alpha strain virus.

“Our analysis shows that in the absence of a vaccine, any delta-modified eruption would place a greater burden on alpha-strain healthcare,” said Anne Prisonis, a Cambridge University statistician and one of the study’s leading authors.

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“Getting a full vaccine is crucial to reducing a person’s risk of developing delta mutation symptoms in the first place, and more importantly, reducing the risk of hospitalization for those infected with that strain of the corona virus,” he added.

For their part, some doctors and scientists who were not involved in the new study explained that the results confirm what is already believed about the delta mutation. It is very common and contagious.

Strain noted: “This highlights the need for a comprehensive vaccination program for adolescents, and clearly shows that the preconceived notion that they do not like severe goiter is no longer correct,” and: “Because the delta mutator is highly contagious, it can be very dangerous.”

Dr. Zania Stamataki, a virologist at the University of Birmingham who is not involved in the new study, explains that the Delta mutant has doubled the number of hospital admissions compared to the alpha variant: “Evidence is growing that we are dealing with a very dangerous strain and need two vaccines to provide maximum protection.

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