March 28, 2023

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Bulgaria elects new president and parliament

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Bulgarians are set to go to the polls on Sunday for a third parliamentary election this year.

The referendum follows last July’s election, when the House of Representatives failed to secure a majority.

Out of a total of 23 candidates, 6.7 million voters are still eligible to vote to elect a new president for the country on Sunday.

Current President Roman Radhev is a favorite. If no candidate receives more than half the votes, a contest will be held between the two who received the most votes.

According to opinion polls, the “Citizens of European Development” party, led by Pyko Borisov, who was ousted last April, could become a strong force in parliament if it gets at least 24% of the vote.

However, in a legislature comprising at least six parties, it is doubtful whether the Conservatives will find coalition partners.

According to opinion polls, the new anti-corruption party “We are changing” could get 16 percent of the vote and form a reform-based government.


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