December 8, 2022

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"By 2030, Saudi Arabia will not be the world's powerhouse."  Biden's previous statements provoke contacts.

“By 2030, Saudi Arabia will not be the world’s powerhouse.” Biden’s previous statements provoke contacts.

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Reports by US President Joe Biden several years ago about the relocation of an energy production center from Saudi Arabia to the North American continent have spurred social networking users. These statements.

During the video, Biden said: “By 2030, the world’s energy hub will be North America, not Saudi Arabia. It will be North America, producing more gas and oil than any other country in the world. 2025) North America will become self-sufficient.

The video clip dates back to February 6, 2014, when Biden was talking about the future of production at the Philadelphia train station when he was Vice President Barack Obama.

The clip came to attention again after the English-speaking account was posted on Twitter, while Saudis re-shared the video amid mixed comments.

Currently, fuel prices in the United States have reached record levels, with global oil shortages plagued by the Russian war in Ukraine, while demand for fuel has reached pre-corona epidemic levels.

Commentators on the spread video said, “The reality of this matter is completely different (since Biden mentioned it in 2014), he is begging the Middle East and Venezuela to increase their oil production.”

Earlier, sources told CNN that US President and Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman would meet next month.

In the wake of the assassination of journalist Jamal Kashoghi, a tense situation has prevailed in relations between the two countries since Biden took office, and if this meeting takes place, it could mark a change in the post of US president. He described Saudi Arabia as a “baria” and a lack of “social values”.

According to former and current officials, Biden executives are in talks with Saudi Arabia over arrangements for a face-to-face meeting during the US president’s foreign trip next month.

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