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C-Smash VRS – Six ways to unlock superstars – Sky News


Now that C-Smash VRS is in orbit on the PlayStation VR2, gamers around the world are beginning to discover more cosmic delights.

We’ve decided to stay true to the game’s minimalist roots – based on the classic Sega console and arcade – and encourage players to discover new techniques and technologies and improve their skills with each new game.

Here are six features, technologies and options you may not have discovered yet — and a teaser of what’s to come…

You are a magnet

C-Smash VRS - Six ways to unlock superstars - Sky News

While the game pushes your body and mind to the limits, there’s a hidden feature that helps when you – or the ball – get stuck. Moving laterally will pull the ball in that direction, even from a distance, allowing the ball to fly out from behind a block for example.

You have power

C-Smash VRS - Six ways to unlock superstars - Sky News

Look at your scam. With each successive hit of the ball, your racket will gradually fill up. Once full, use the trigger on your paddle (R2 by default) to execute a Power Smash. Keep pressing the ball while hitting it.

Left, right, it doesn’t matter

C-Smash VRS - Six ways to unlock superstars - Sky News

Whether you’re left-handed, right-handed, or just want to switch things up a bit, you can easily switch racket arms in the menu. Note that you can also specify which hand the lateral movement stick will be assigned to.

Space Commander

C-Smash VRS - Six ways to unlock superstars - Sky News

Lateral movement is your friend. Feel the fluidity of moving left and right, even without the ball in play. Soon you’ll feel like you’re dancing and you’ll be able to catch balls that were out of reach before.

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A rude one

C-Smash VRS - Six ways to unlock superstars - Sky News

The single player journey map adds a unique roguelike progression to our futuristic gameplay. Choose your own path through the universe and move from orbit to orbit as your paths are randomly generated in each new round of play. Discover new boosts like Launcher.

Sit up and stand up

C-Smash VRS - Six ways to unlock superstars - Sky News

We want everyone to enjoy C-Smash VRS. Want to sit down and play? Do you have a small play area? Don’t worry, your height will be adjusted to suit other players. And you can reach the lower balls with the squat button.

The universe is expanding

There’s a lot to discover in C-Smash VRS, and just like the universe, the game will continue to grow in the coming weeks.

Soon to be completely free:

  • Partnership: So you can enjoy C-Smash VRS with another person without the pressure of competition.
  • Infinity Mode: This mode lets you play forever in a dynamically created arena that keeps changing with the music. Imagine you are working with the biggest DJ team in the world.
  • Player: The music is very good and we will give you a chance to relax and listen to the mix.

We will not stop there.

C-Smash VRS - Six ways to unlock superstars - Sky News

See you in space, fellow astronaut. And remember to always have a blast.

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