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Call Of Duty fans did not buy Vanguard because they were busy with other games


Call of Duty: Vanguard sales have been quiet so far and have not received much attention from players or fans compared to previous titles, there are interesting reasons behind that.

Spread A study conducted in conjunction with PAX and EGX recently collected 671 cameramen who were asked about their interest in the COD series and their purchasing activity related to the series.

The survey results show that 284 players have purchased a game from the series in the last five years, but only 59 players or 21% of them have purchased the latest Vanguard section.

Others in the group who have purchased the title from the series in recent years alone said 55% of them did not buy the latest episode because they are busy with other sports, and many replies indicate that players are interested in other topics such as Hollow: Infinite and Battlefield 2042, but some 20% The group did not care about the last part due to reviews, some refused to buy it (4%) due to the price, and some 24% were not interested in WWII games, and some did not want Activision Bliss to support Activision Bliss.

Interestingly, a small percentage of respondents in the poll justified leaving the series recently due to the widespread spread of cheats, some of whom did not like the development of the story, and some left due to the large play space. .

Of course, at the end of the day, this is still a small group compared to the millions of people who are interested in video games, but it’s the final part that gives even a small look at the view of the fans of the COD series.

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