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Can you tell ring size from shoe number? Here are the details


When you’re thinking about buying jewelry, especially rings, for others, you might want to look for a way to help you know the finger size of the person you’re trying to gift to so that your gift is more perfect. Elegant.

In this regard, there is a common myth that you can know a person’s ring size by knowing their shoe number! Although this is an idea that has been around for years, it is not entirely true, as it is important to realize that this method is very inaccurate, and – often – leads to disappointing results. So read on to find out the truth, as well as some truly foolproof methods that will allow you to get your ring size right the first time.

Why are shoe number and ring size unrelated?
This is caused by a number of reasons including disproportion, i.e. the shoe size and ring size do not match. People with the same shoe size can have significantly different toe sizes, so the average doesn’t correlate to your hand size. and feet.

Another reason for this is that there are many different systems for shoe sizes, as shoe sizes vary greatly around the world and between different brands, meaning there is no one size fits all.

As for the third reason, different finger shapes can be blamed because people have different finger shapes and different sizes, which greatly affects the size of the ring.

A person with short fingers may wear a smaller ring than another person with the same shoe size; Since the latter’s fingers are larger and wider, besides, the size of each finger on our hands is different, so even if you know someone’s ring size, it will not give you a 100% accurate measurement. finger on the same hand.

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Accurate ways to determine ring size:
To make sure you or your loved one get the right ring size, it’s best to rely on accurate methods that can give you an instant measurement, which we’ve outlined for you here:

Ask the person:
Of course, if you want to give a surprise, you may not want to ask the question directly, but you can ask him indirectly or in an informal conversation, or ask his friends or family on your behalf.

Use an existing loop:
Borrow one of the rings that the person you want to buy a ring for already has and take it to a jeweler to determine the size, but make sure it’s the same ring you want to buy on the same finger. New ring, finger sizes vary on the one hand.

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