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“Cap 28” and promoting investments in the region


“Cap 28” and promoting investments in the region

The UAE’s hosting of the “COP 28” conference represents a real opportunity to advance investments in the Arab region in the field of green economy through partnerships with many relevant regional and international countries and institutions. They present themselves as an important partner in strengthening international cooperation to counter the impacts. The serious negative effects of climate change.

It is certain that COP 28 will help identify the most important opportunities to support long-term economic development by addressing climate challenges, explore future sectors that integrate the process of sustainable development in the Arab world, and define and focus proactive climate policies. Flexibility green according to development data.

At the same time, COP 28 is a golden opportunity to learn about the readiness and capacity of Arab governments to face the challenges posed by climate change. It will also be an indication of their willingness to tap into green economy and growth opportunities. Promoting the process of sustainable development to achieve national development goals.

It goes without saying that the UAE presents a unique model in sustainability in light of its cumulative achievements in this field, with its strategic initiative to become the first country in the Middle East and North Africa to achieve climate neutrality by 2050. To declare its goal of achieving climate neutrality.

This approach has had many positive effects, which in the light of new opportunities for the comprehensive development process of the country, improving the process of economic development and confirming the position of the UAE as the best place to live and work under intellectuals. Headed by the Head of State, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, may God save him.

Indeed, it is necessary to develop policies and laws that support an approach to sustainability and green transition, with a special emphasis on consolidating the foundations of an optimal employment partnership to promote the investment opportunities that COP 28 offers to the Arab region. Public and Private Sectors.

There are several important priorities in this context, the first of which is the need to finance smart cities and their development, support green financing and innovation in public policy making, as well as invest in raising awareness, creating a culture change within society about the dangers of climate change on the one hand, and the opportunities offered by green development on the other.

At the “COP 28” conference, the UAE bets on creating a decisive change in addressing climate challenges through international cooperation, based on its rich heritage. The conference will be an important opportunity for Arab countries to promote their investment in the green economy sector, and of course, the conference will be an opportunity to invest in the UAE’s digital economy and advanced employment of technology and artificial intelligence. Overcome these challenges more efficiently.

About “Akbar Al-Sa'” Bulletin published by the Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research.

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