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UAE welcomes steps to exchange prisoners and restore peace in Yemen


At the Security Council meeting on Yemen, the United Arab Emirates welcomed the measures to exchange prisoners and maintain the peace that began a year ago, affirming its support for all efforts aimed at establishing a lasting and stable peace in Yemen.

The UAE emphasized that dialogue is the only way to achieve a political solution in Yemen, by aligning our messages to guide the Yemeni people by putting their interests first and realizing that a political solution is the guarantee of a brighter future. All Yemenis.

In a statement issued by the country’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Ambassador Lana Zaki Nusayebe, the UAE has committed to intensive efforts over the past few weeks to create the right conditions for the resumption of an inclusive political process owned and led by Yemenis. And under the auspices of the United Nations, noting that many welcome measures have already been implemented, the exchange of prisoners and the maintenance of peace that began a year ago, it emphasizes its desire to further build confidence. Actions with a permanent cease-fire are fundamental to the success of political initiatives.

The UAE appreciated Saudi Arabia’s important role in resolving the conflict in Yemen through its initiatives, diplomatic efforts and engagement with all Yemeni parties to achieve a comprehensive political solution that meets the aspirations of the Yemeni people. In this regard, it welcomed the recent visit of representatives of the Kingdom and the Sultanate of Oman to Yemen, which the Council recognized as valuable steps towards holding Yemen-Yemen political talks.

He praised the flexibility and constructive engagement of the Yemeni Presidential Leadership Group in the political process. I applaud the efforts of the Special Envoy to build on the current momentum and the key role of the United Nations over the past year.

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The UAE has called on the Houthis to seize this opportunity and capitalize on the need for peace, as delaying efforts will only prolong the suffering of the fraternal Yemeni people. The way to reach a political solution, the adversarial approach and the logic of bullying, with weapons, are neither acceptable nor in the interest of Yemenis.

With the continuation of discussions and mediation efforts, he said, we must not forget the severe humanitarian crisis and the difficult economic conditions in Yemen, ensuring that aid is provided to all those in need, supporting the economy and opening the main. Roads. Ending the conflict is necessary to improve these conditions in a concrete and sustainable way.

The UAE stressed the need to lift restrictions imposed by the Houthis on the work of humanitarian organizations, particularly targeting women who work in them, limiting women’s participation in public life and preventing access to aid for women and girls. Provide Yemeni children with a safe and normal life and ensure they receive quality education. In addition to school curricula – come participate in building Yemen, instead of dragging them to the centers and summer camps the Houthis have used to spread their extremism. ideas.

Ambassador Lana Zaki Nusseibeh concluded the statement, stressing that despite the sensitivity of the platform, we now have an opportunity to make real progress in ending the Yemeni crisis, which must be directed towards unifying our messages and prioritizing the welfare of the Yemeni people. , and the political solution is an elephant to achieve a brighter future for all Yemenis.

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