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“Capital Cinema”… the first Emirati channel to specialize in the seventh art


With the presence of numerous filmmakers, the “Capital Cinema” channel was launched, the first channel specializing in Emirati cinema, serving as a platform to explore everything related to Emirati cinema and the local film industry and its participants.

“Capital Cinema” seeks to provide a platform dedicated to Emirati cinema, explained Nasser Al-Tamimi, chairman, director and producer of the channel, at a ceremony organized yesterday at the Vox Cinemas in Reem Mall, Abu Dhabi. Spotlighting local directors, actors and filmmakers and Emirati cinema, it covers cinema events within the country and provides viewers with all that is new in the world of cinema here, and offers unique content that exposes the community and the viewer.

He pointed out that the channel will focus on everything related to film directors’ methods of directing and producing films, including film analysis, interviews with film stars and behind-the-scenes where cinematic work is completed. The channel is a place to showcase the most important local creations, be it long or short, inviting all creative people to contribute.” “The channel will become an engine of growth in enriching the channel and recommending what they think is suitable for the scene. and promoting the cinema scene in the Emirates and a platform to document and preserve the history of local cinema.

Al Tamimi explained that cinematic works are not just movies, but an expression of creativity in the Emirates, so “Capital Cinema” is keen to present a group to tell unique stories and express identity in Emirati cinema. In its own style.

It will also reveal how directors, actors and writers provide unique perspectives that enrich the world of cinema. Apart from showing Emirati films, the channel is also slated to feature talk shows to discuss the experiences and challenges of Emirati directors, actors and producers.

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A documentary series highlighting the history and development of cinema in the Emirates, featuring presentations from different periods and interviews with pioneers in the film industry in the Emirates.

A newsletter that covers the latest news and events in the world of Emirates cinema, and offers workshops and advice for those interested in filmmaking in the Emirates, along with information on film events and festivals in the Emirates, covering various aspects of filmmaking.

For her part, the festival’s guest of honor, Egyptian artist Hala Sedgi, praised the channel project and what it can offer to the cinema scene, stressing that the UAE has all the necessary materials and skills to create an active and influential film. The industry in the region, whether it’s characterized by the diversity of available shooting locations, or what… it differentiates between technical personnel and promising talent.

The film “Zayat, The Birth of a Nation” was produced, executed, executed and screened at the awards ceremony, which was held in a cinematic style and to present categories using artificial intelligence. Directed by Nasser Al Tamimi. The film reviews aspects of the life of the late father Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may God rest his soul. And his achievements are attested by history, like him, may God have mercy on him, an unforgettable personality and symbol of humanity and giving.


The launch of “Capital Cinema” honored artist Hala Sedgi and an elite group of actors and filmmakers who have contributed to the Emirati art scene, namely producer Sultan Al Neyadi, artist Soha, artist Mansoor Al Faili, director Abdullah Al Junaibi, director Ahmed Zain Al Hashemi, production manager Adel Abdo, artist Ibrahim Al-Marisi and artist Ali Al-Tahar.

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