June 6, 2023

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“Caracalla” returns to “Phoenicia” pure love

The band presented to the Lebanese audience, on its 55th anniversary, it made sad hearts happy.

Saturday – 24 Ramadan 1444 AH – April 15, 2023 AD Issue no. [16209]

Beirut: Sawsan al-Abda

After a 5-year absence from Lebanese theaters, punctuated by major events, from popular uprisings to deadly epidemics and then a major economic collapse, the dancers of the “Caracalla” troupe returned to Lebanese audiences in their full glory and joy. Cheers, cheery costumes and their new movement are sure to cheer up sad hearts, especially as the band celebrates its 55th anniversary this year.
The grand opening of the song and dance drama “Phoenix” at the “Ivorian Theater”, with full attendance and a festive atmosphere, seemed to herald the beginning of the resurrection from the medical death of a homeland tired of hibernation. The title of the show is reminiscent of ancient “Caracalla” works based on pure dance, moving away from dialogues and song scenes.
Caracalla did not forsake the village madman, the truth-seeking fool, and the great commentator of events.
This is how the elements for a story that allowed me to present sketches from a Lebanese village for more than an hour were completed. Composer of the music and lyrics, Abdel Halim Caracalla proves once again that he has Lebanese folklore that no one else has.
Akl said Maestro Caracalla never wanted to forget his friend and inspiration, quoting a line from him at the end of the play: “They say Lebanon is coming back, so who told you it’s gone!” (They say Lebanon is back, who said it’s gone). As usual, the wonderful Omar Caracalla appeared to us with a compass from Baalbek Dabke, the audience waiting in his palace, and at the end of each performance, a long applause for those who still remember the pure and raw tradition.
“Caracalla” returns after a 5 year absence in “Phoenicia”… pure love

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