March 25, 2023

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Carlos Ghosn case .. 3 French judges visit Lebanon

Carlos Ghosn case .. 3 French judges visit Lebanon

Lebanon’s decision to condemn the Russian invasion of Ukraine has caused confusion and dissent among Lebanese, with some calling it a “lack of diplomacy” and contradicting Lebanon’s adherence to a neutral policy in other countries’ crises and wars.

The Lebanese Foreign Ministry issued a statement condemning Russian President Vladimir Putin’s security call in a televised speech hours after the announcement of the launch of a Russian military offensive on Ukrainian soil. Donbass region in southeastern Ukraine.

In light of the criticism raised by the quick condemnation statement, Lebanese Foreign Minister Abdullah Bouhabi, on Friday, took a different stance, calling on the Lebanese UN. He said he would “avoid” participating in the implementation of the resolution submitted to the Security Council. It will “read” when condemning Russian military action in New York and referring to the resolution to the UN General Assembly “in consultation” with other Arab countries.

Many felt that Lebanon’s position was urgent and did not take into account the contact of thousands of Lebanese with economic, political and family interests in both Russia and Ukraine. In the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.

In a statement on Thursday, the Lebanese Foreign Ministry said, “Lebanon condemns the invasion of Ukrainian territory and calls on Russia to immediately suspend military operations, withdraw its troops from it, and return to the logic of dialogue and negotiation. We need to calm down and help save the lives of the people of both countries. “

The Foreign Ministry said on Thursday that Lebanon’s position was “modern history witnessed by military invasions of its territory and the enormous casualties that have befallen its people and its stability and prosperity over the years.”

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Today, the National News Agency quoted Minister Bouhabi to German and French ambassadors as saying, “Lebanon did not participate in the adoption of the resolution submitted to the Security Council, and Lebanon’s position on the vote will be examined. In this context, the resolution will be referred to the General Assembly in consultation with the Arab Council.”

Bouhabib added, “The Lebanese position is not against the Russian Federation or any other ally. On the contrary, it will take the policy position that Lebanon has taken and in every similar crisis,” he told the Russian ambassador on Thursday. Beirut, Alexander Rudakov, “We regret the release of the Lebanese statement condemning the Russian military action, and insist that this position is not against his country and that it does not intend to harm close bilateral relations.”

Hezbollah MP Ibrahim al-Mousavi tweeted today, “They are distancing themselves, demanding neutrality wherever they want, interfering wherever they want. This is strange and bizarre. What foreign policy does Lebanon follow, Lebanon?” Are you interested? Do you like our Foreign Minister? He explained to us. “

For his part, Dr. Professor of International Relations at the University of Lebanon. Laila Nicholas, Lebanese Foreign Ministry statement, “In its language and style, it departs from the diplomatic principles adopted by countries that maintain good relations with both sides. Conflict, the statement in this case demands balance and the dominance of dialogue, control and the language of dialogue.”

Leila continued, “There is no diplomacy in the Lebanese statement, there are no materials in Lebanon to allow such a statement to be issued. Therefore, I doubt who is the party that dictated this formula to the Lebanese side, and did the political power discuss it and agree before issuing it? I doubt it.”

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“The Lebanese community exists in both Russia and Ukraine.