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Carlos Gosson: Recent arrest warrant against me “political”


He added, “Still French Judiciary At the stage of creating the file, the strange thing was that I found out that a warrant had been issued by the media and it was assumed that if an arrest warrant was issued against me, my lawyer or I would be personally contacted.“.

He continued, “All charges against me before the French judiciary are being transferred from the Japanese judicial file, and I have already stated that the case record in Japan is questionable.”“.

And remind Carlos Gossen He filed a criminal case against the Japanese before the Lebanese judiciary.

He said: “When I was outside the French border, unable to leave Lebanon, I was surprised that the French judiciary issued such a decision. If I had been in France, I would have been able to defend myself before the French judiciary.”“.

On Friday, Goshen was surprised by an international arrest warrant issued against him by a French intelligence judge in connection with an investigation into suspected money laundering..

Gossen, an engineer in the Renault-Nissan automobile alliance, has faced numerous inquiries since fleeing Japan to Lebanon in late 2019, where he faces allegations of financial misconduct..

Commenting on the issuance of the arrest warrant and its legitimacy, the head of the human rights organization “Justice”, Attorney Paul Morkos, told Sky News Arabia: “It is the policy of the government not to deport its citizens except for events. , Lebanon would not be obligated. ” By handing him over because he is a Lebanese citizen“.

Morgos added: “Section 31 of the Penal Code provides for the legalization of extradition in three non-compulsory cases, and this article refers to the right to demand deportation. The case of the person seeking deportation and surrender to him can be sought“.

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He continued, “The Lebanese government has the right to refuse to deport its citizens, even if all three conditions are met.“.

He explained, “There is power To the Lebanese courts To consider the case, the government may refuse to deport a person under section 20 of the Penal Code, which provides for the application of Lebanese laws to every Lebanese who commit an offense, incitement or intervention outside the Lebanese territory, misconduct or crime punishable by law, and a crime or misconduct. Perfectly, if the defendant loses or gains Lebanese citizenship, the matter remains the same.“.

Morkos believed, “The issuance of a warrant against Kozz will restrict his movement around the world, and the arrest warrant could be accompanied by pressure on Lebanon to arrest him and hand him over to Interpol.”“.

He said, “If the Lebanese authorities refuse to extradite Goshen, the French authorities cannot force them. Lebanon can try him and ask for his trophy from France.”

At the same time, he pointed out that “once Goshen leaves Lebanon, any country can arrest him under the international red notice he has issued.” InterpolExtradite him to France as a pre-trial judge in Paris and issue an arrest warrant against him after he is indicted.“.

At the time of Kozen’s escape from Japan, he was awaiting trial for failing to disclose 9.3 billion yen ($ 85 million) in financial statements he had received from Nissan in 10 years, and for becoming rich at the expense of his employers by paying. For car dealerships..

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Goshen denies making any mistakes in the cases against him while in Lebanon, where he spent his childhood, with no extradition treaty with Japan, and accepts the policy of not deporting its citizens..

Goshen holds a passport France AndLebanon And Brazil.

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