June 7, 2023

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Case to prevent Samiyar Mabrook Attia from appearing on screen .. Court says its word

Case to prevent Samiyar Mabrook Attia from appearing on screen .. Court says its word

Today, Sunday, an Egyptian court refused to accept a lawsuit filed by a lawyer against Dr. Mabrook Atiya, demanding that the famous preacher be banned from appearing on television.

Today, Sunday, the executive council of the State Council in Egypt decided not to accept the case filed by lawyer Dr. Samir Sabri against Mabrook Atiyah, Egyptian media reports.

Attorney Samir Sabri noted in the case that “since Mabrook Atiya appeared on television, he has ridiculed and ridiculed this method he uses.” An Assyrian preacher and scholar takes people as an example and specifics for them, and some of the words he uses in his chapters are subject to ridicule and ridicule. The preacher must adhere to the minimum behaviors of interacting with people on television screens, until he or she picks up some of the videos he or she is quoting, realizing the words, movements, and gestures he makes, whether intentionally or not. From the episodes of his show, they followed him and made fun of him through social media. Sites and pages. “

It is noteworthy that Preacher Mabrook Attia enjoys a significant connection with the audience or the pioneers of social websites because he differs by a special style, in the shows he has presented over the years on various satellite channels or before the illness he has recently experienced, as a guest.

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