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Causes and Symptoms of Allergies… Effective Treatments


Written by Marwa Mahmood Elias

Saturday, November 25, 2023 at 09:00 AM

Who among us hasn’t suffered a sudden allergic reaction that spreads across the surface of your skin without warning? Skin rashThen you feel an urgent desire to scratch and itch, you may suffer from “heartburn”, and symptoms sometimes develop in scattered swellings on the body.

These symptoms, and more, are called “allergies.” It’s a quick “reaction” initiated by your immune system that results from recognition or confusion about an exciting substance, food, or smell. , which it classified as a “threat” to it, so it issued these signs in response. A defensive move. This is what Dr. Mohsen Soliman, Professor of Dermatology and Immunology, Khasr, explained in simple terms. Al-Aini Faculty of Medicine, and President of the Egyptian Society of Dermatology and Venereology.

Sulaiman explained that allergies are classified as a reaction and their symptoms vary from one person to another according to his condition and his level of sensitivity and the stimulus he was exposed to. Spots and red skin rash, or itching, runny nose, and some may suffer from sneezing, persistent, or swelling of the eyes and parts of the body, other times, he may suffer from cough and many other symptoms.

The dermatology professor pointed out that there are countless allergens such as dirt, a certain type of food, pollen or a foreign substance injected into the body that it perceives as a threat and does not recognize, and so on.

In the same vein, a report on allergies published on the nhsinform website notes that allergy treatments are many and complex, varying according to their size, nature and cause of allergy. In mild cases, only paints are used. To relieve itching and stay away from the cause, in advanced cases, doctors may resort to some special treatment options, the most popular of which are antihistamines that help stop allergies.

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The report went on to highlight a group of other treatments, including using a spray to relieve congestion or using another form of medicine, such as medication. In addition, a person may resort to special ointments and creams. Treatments to boost the body’s immune system in advanced cases of immune problems.

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