March 30, 2023

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“ChatGPT” used in cars.. “General Motors” expresses surprise

General Motors is exploring the use of “ChatGBT” in its vehicles

An executive at the carmaker (General Motors) told the agency Reuters It is exploring applications of the popular chatbot ChatGPT as part of its broader collaboration with Microsoft.

“ChatGPT will be everywhere,” General Motors Vice President Scott Miller said in an interview last week.

Miller added that it can be used Robot Chat to access information on software functions such as how to use vehicle features typically found in its owner’s manual and integrating schedules from a garage door code or calendar.

A (General Motors) spokesperson said on Friday: “This change is not about a capability, ie: the evolution of voice commands, but rather that customers can expect their future vehicles to be more efficient and modern in general, and when it comes to emerging technologies.

Semaphore was the first to report on the matter, and said the US automaker is developing a virtual personal assistant that uses artificial intelligence models based on SatGBD.

In earlier news, Europe is also using a ChatGPT-like robot to voice citizens’ concerns, as the Romanian prime minister revealed a new colleague in his government, a “smart adviser” who speaks with a deep voice from inside a mirror. And is described as the world’s first government assistant to work with artificial intelligence.

will be used "ChatGPT" In cars, General Motors tells how

Prime Minister Nikolaj Chiuka says the robot, which it calls Ion, interprets the views of the country’s people and sends them to him and his government, helping them make decisions.

“With Ion artificial intelligence, Ion will do what no human can do, which is to listen to all Romanians and represent them before the Romanian government,” Ciuga said.

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When Chiuga asked him to introduce himself at a public meeting broadcast on Romanian television on Wednesday, the robot said: “Hello, you greeted me. I am the ion. My role now is to represent you.

Officials say the bot will help ministers craft policies that are more relevant to voters’ day-to-day concerns and could one day suggest ideas of its own.