April 1, 2023

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At the end of the Oud festival, the musicians’ performance dazzles the jury and delights the audience.

Organized by the Public Authority for Entertainment in collaboration with the Music Authority, the musicians at the end of the Oud Festival held at the Music Hall on Boulevard Riyadh presented a fine art with a luxurious and unique side. Amazingly confused the jury when choosing the first places.

Saud bin Nayef won the first prize in the amateur category, Muhannat Talal in the professional category and Shahad Hisham in the female musician category.

Abdul Rahman Al-Harbi in the amateur category, Kinan Ednawi in the professional category and Islam Al-Dethari in the female musician category won the second place in the festival, the largest gathering of Arab Arabs. .

The third place went to Joseph Rouhana in the amateur category, Muhammad Jisri in the professional category and Amal Mina in the female musician category.

150 thousand Riyals for the first runner-up in the professional category

Financial prizes were awarded to the winners at the end of the Oud Festival, and the first place winner in the professional category was awarded 150,000 Riyals, second place 100,000 Riyals, and third place 50,000 Riyals.

75,000 Riyals for the first place investigator for amateur and female musicians, 50,000 Riyals for second place and 25,000 Riyals for third place.

3 days of unique instruments and tunes

The Oud festival spanned 3 days, with contestants performing unique instruments and rhythms that added musical creativity to all areas of the musical landscape, amidst a host of instrumentalists.

At the end of the festival, the audience enjoyed a variety of musical elements, spelled out by talented players who struck the strings of their harps with scales and weights that lit up the venue with a unique melody.

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The Oud Festival is one of the musical and entertainment events organized within the activities of the Riyadh calendar, which encourages artists in their fields to present themselves and reach impressive and advanced levels through their own experiences.