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Cheb Khaled and Amr Diab dance .. The story of 23 year trend | News


Soon, Sepp Khalid’s dance video with 23-year-old Amr Thiap became a trend on social media.

The dance video of Cheb Khaled and Amr Diab was behind the scenes of the duet record that united them on the song “My Heart” in 1999, written by the late Magdi al-Najjar and composed by Sheriff Taj with the participation of Seb Khalid. , And it was first published by Mamtooh Moussa in his show “Days in the Life of the Plateau”.

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After the recording of the song in the studio was over, the Algerian star danced in the studio with the participation of Amr Tiab, documenting this collaboration between the big duo in the presence of songwriters, media personality Mamtooh Moussa and producer Mohsen Jaber, so that everyone can see it again now.

The dance, which spread on social media and turned into a comic, became a trend regardless of the longevity of the video, which showed the Algerian star’s integration into the song’s melody and part of the plateau. Dancing amidst the applause of friends in the studio.

Audiences took part in the trend via the social networking site Twitter, which commented: “Sir, Chef Khalid’s tendency to dance vigorously,” “Sir, Chef Khalid halves his joy when he dances with Amr Thiab,” and “Sepp Khalid and Amr Thiab’s video for me a day 200 Once met. ” You will watch it 200 times with the same interest ”,“ The video of Chef Khalid and Amr Tiab controls this period in my life ”, and“ From Sepp Khalid Shubra ”.

The song “My Heart”, written by Sharif Taj and composed by Khalid and Sharif Taj, was a huge hit in the Arab world, from the words of the late Makti al-Najjar.

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Released in 1999, the song was composed by Chef Khalid and Sharif Taj and, from the words of the late Makti al-Najjar, became a huge hit in the Arab world.

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