March 31, 2023

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Chelsea and Tottenham suffered heavy losses to Manchester and Arsenal

Chelsea and Tottenham suffered heavy losses to Manchester and Arsenal

LONDON – Chelsea regained their balance in the 32nd round of the English Premier League on Saturday, beating hosts Southampton 6-0.

In other matches, Tottenham beat host Aston Villa 4-0, while Manchester United and Arsenal suffered a crushing defeat, first falling 0-1 at Everton, and Arsenal losing 1-2 to their host Brighton, while Leeds United won. Watford won 3-0.

And at St Mary’s Ground, Chelsea won the first half, finishing with four goals, before scoring two more in the second half.

Spain’s Marcos Alonso opened the scoring for Chelsea in the eighth minute, then Mason Mount scored the second goal in the 16th minute, and in the 21st minute Germany’s Timo Werner scored the third goal, ten minutes later another German player Kay Howards scored the fourth goal. The goal for the guest team.

In the second half, Werner scored his second and fifth goals for Chelsea in the 49th minute, then Mont scored his second and sixth goals for Chelsea in the 54th minute.

Chelsea recorded their first victory on home soil after two consecutive defeats, 4-1 against Brentford in the English Premier League and 3-1 against Real Madrid in the Champions League.

Chelsea lifted their score to 62 points in third place, while Southampton’s draw ended in thirteenth place with 36 points.

At Villa Park, South Korean star Hyung-min Son scored three goals (a hat-trick) to lead Tottenham to a four-goal lead over Aston Villa.

Heung-min Son scored the first, third and fourth goals in the third, 66th and 71st minutes, and Sweden’s Dejan Kulusevsky scored the second in the 50th minute.

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The win lifted Tottenham’s draw to 57 in fourth place, and Aston Villa’s draw with 36 points in twelfth.

Also at Goodison Park, Everton beat hosts Manchester United 1-0 in a crucial victory in a quest to avoid exit.

The only goal of the match came in the 27th minute when Anthony Gordon hit a powerful ball past Manchester United defender Harry Maguire and tied the net.

Everton have risen 17th in the table with 28 points from fourth to fourth, their eighth win in the league this season, with 18 games lost and one in four draws.

Manchester United, on the other hand, finished seventh with 51 points, their eighth defeat in the league this season, winning 14 and drawing nine.

At the Emirates Stadium, Brighton beat Arsenal by two goals in the 29th and 67th minutes, signed by Leandro and Enoch Moybo Trosart, against Martin Odegard by one goal just before the final.

The win lifted Brighton’s draw to 37 points in eleventh place, and Arsenal’s draw with 54 points in fifth place.

At Vicarage Road, Leeds United beat Watford by three goals to nil.

Rafinha advanced with a Leeds goal in the 21st minute, Rodrigo in the 73rd minute and Jack Harrison in the 85th minute.

The win lifted Leeds’ tally to 33 points in 16th place, and Watford’s balance ended with 22 points.