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China is making progress in developing vaccines against “Omicron”


A senior Chinese health official told a news conference on Saturday that China had made positive progress in developing monovalent and multivalent vaccines against the “Omigron” mutant, while two deaths had been reported in the country’s worst outbreak in more than a year.

Cheng Zhongwei, an official with the National Health Commission, said that with the improvement in clinical trial applications, pre-clinical trials of some vaccines have been completed. “Studies show that the Omigran mutant has not completely escaped the existing vaccines,” Cheng said, adding that the full vaccine could be effective in reducing the risk of hospitalization, serious illness and death caused by ‘Omigron’ mutants. He added, “The booster dose of the vaccine will also reduce the risk of infections caused by Omigron mutants.”

Currently, there are 29 vaccines in China that have reached clinical trials, and 16 vaccines are in the third phase of clinical trials, Zheng says. 7 Vaccines are licensed for conditional marketing or emergency use, and two of these vaccines are on the WHO Emergency Use List.

As of Friday, about 1.24 billion people across China had been fully vaccinated against Govt-19.

As of Friday, nearly 3.22 billion COVID-19 vaccines had been used in Chinese territory, National Health Council spokesman Mi Feng told a news conference. The spokesman warned against easing measures to combat the still-spreading disease, and called for the implementation of current measures to prevent “Govt-19” and its early, rapid and severe control.

With the return of the “corona” virus, especially the “hidden omega”, to the country, the whole of China is now witnessing the worst outbreak of the “govt” since the first wave, which was discovered as the mainland in late 2019. China has recorded the first two deaths from “Govt-19” disease for more than a year. A year ago, the National Health Commission announced that both in Jilin province (northeast), the country was facing the worst situation. Increased incidence of infections from onset.

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They are the first two viral deaths recorded on mainland China – except Hong Kong and Macau – since January 26, 2021.

This brings the number of corona deaths in the country to 4,638.

Yesterday and Saturday, 4,051 new cases of the virus were reported in China, compared to 4,365 in the previous day, according to the National Health Council. (Agencies)

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