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Chrome lets Android users remove the Discover Feet when a new window opens


The new tape page is featured in the Android version of the browser Google Chrome Currently, one of these content feeds is the traditional Google Discover feed, which displays a list of articles recommended to the user by the company’s instructions, along with many options, including the search bar, the most visited websites and the content feed.

Meanwhile, the other feed contains the latest posts of user “follow” ports in Chrome. It is important to note that the latter feature is only for Android users, and according to 9to5Google, the technology company is now working. Solution for removing Discover feed from the tag page. New tab in Chrome for Android users.

The difference between a new tab page in Chrome on desktop and Android:

The new tape page in Google Chrome on the desktop is much cleaner than the Android version, and some extra cards will appear at the bottom of the page on the desktop, but it mainly focuses on shortcuts and search. If users want more simplicity in their web browser, they can keep track of the upcoming flag as well. The report says that the upcoming Feed Routing flag will soon appear on the chrome: // flags page and will be available on almost identical pages for iOS users.

What will this new science do?

This new flag “removes all feeds from Chrome” including Discover and Continue feeds. This flag is now available for testing in Chrome Canary, and is reported to be useful for cleaning up new tab pages. Google has not disclosed its intention to make Discover Feed a preferred part of the Chrome New Tab page. However, the report flag should be tracked fast. Next month with Chrome 103.

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Various ways to access Google Discover on Android devices

There are many ways for users to access Google Discovery on their Android phones and Google Chrome for Android is one of them. Access Discover on Android through the Google Search Apps homepage, Chrome’s New Tabs page, the page to the left of Pixel Launcher, and the mobile version of

The report also claims that the new flag that appears for iOS is a bit strange, as Chrome already offers a simple change to the Discover feed on iPhones.

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