June 7, 2023

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Chromecast with Google TV loses third-party screensavers – Geek Review

Chromecast with USB-C port from Google TV
Justin Duino/Geek Review

Past Chromecast with Google TV update Made some much needed bug fixes. Unfortunately, it also removed the ability to use third-party screensaver apps. Screensaver preferences will no longer recognize third-party options and will only allow you to use Google’s screensavers.

Customers noticed this change shortly after the update (version QTS1.220504.008) was released in July. Affected users are alerted Don’t touch your screensaver optionsOtherwise, you’ll lose any third-party screensaver app you’re currently using. (However, some users reported that their screensaver automatically switched to Google Ambient Mode.)

This change may be related to the new Google ‘Proactive’ screen saver, which gives you updates on the weather, sports scores and more while your TV is idle. While many users prefer something more modest, the “active” screensaver is a key Chromecast feature and can direct users’ attention to their TVs.

However, some users expect Google to remove third-party screensavers to push their own “ambient mode”. Now there are ads. But regardless of Google’s logic, pulling the popular Chromecast feature with Google TV seems short-sighted. People enjoy third-party screensavers that are designed to be easy and non-intrusive to customize Chromecast.

For what it’s worth, Google may have inadvertently blocked third-party screensaver apps on Chromecast. But I doubt so. (If you’re crazy about passive ads, you can Disable it in settings.)

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