November 28, 2022

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Climate change: The 'human lung' is under threat in the Congo bed

Climate change: The ‘human lung’ is under threat in the Congo bed

The film was released, Daniel Feldra / Greenpeace Africa

Much of the carbon-rich organic soil found in Central Africa is threatened by uncontrolled growth Or seeThis poses a major threat to the future of climate change, says BBC African correspondent Andrew Harding.

After a 10-hour journey by car, he spent another 10 hours in a small canoe made of trees, then three hours crossing the path with poles, and then two hours with great difficulty in the swamp in the middle of the bush. In the scorching heat, the scientific team is finally ready to begin its work.

Scientists began assembling a long metal tool, such as a screwdriver used to remove corks from bottles, and then actively planting it in the dark color of submerged soil while extracting mosquitoes and mud from the device.

“Press. Again.” Of a cylinder.