February 5, 2023

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Clothing buttons..right for men, left for women..because wonderful

Clothing buttons..right for men, left for women..because wonderful

The little details we live in everyday, we do not pay much attention to them, but if we stop there, we find that we are attracted to, for example, the difference in the position of the “shirt buttons” between men and women.

Men’s shirts always come with a row of buttons, on the right, the openings of the shirt are on the left, which is not found in the world of “women’s clothing”, according to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”.

According to the newspaper, all women’s shirts come with a row of buttons on the left, buttonholes on the right, and this difference comes for a “historical” reason hundreds of years ago, when men went to war in battles, while women worked at home.

The men’s shirt buttons on the right make fencing easier, and Quora says it’s more appropriate to use the left hand to unbutton the buttons at those times.

Most of the men carried swords in their right hands, so they had to quickly open their shirts with their left hand and build a fence to protect themselves.

The Daily Mail reports that the reason why women’s shirt buttons fall on the left side may be due to children.

Women tend to carry their babies with their left hand so that their right hand can do other things because the right hand dominates most people.

Women’s shirts are designed to open or close only with the right hand, so the buttons are placed on the left.

Clothing makers continue to use this button system to this day.

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