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Colors of the homeland | 3 tricks to make the most of the internet package in your phone



A large number of smartphone internet users buy limited web packages because they are cheap, but they run out quickly, and despite the unlimited number of packages they are expensive, and projects are needed if you do not want to pay too much. Unlimited data, it is very important to avoid exceeding the data limit, otherwise you will have to pay huge fines.

After all, watching the flow is brilliant InformationIn addition to making sure that your limits are not exceeded, see if you need to review your current data plan.

This is not difficult to do using current versions of Android or tools hidden in a third-party application, and here are some strategies you can try to track cellular data consumption.

Results data

The phone can be alerted when the data limit is approached before the end of the monthly meeting, and the phone can set a limit on the use of any data by the following steps:

Go to Settings, then Network and Internet, then select Internet, click the gear icon next to the carrier’s name, scroll down, select Data Alert and Limit, and finally click the Mobile Data Application Cycle.

You can enter a limit on the data you want to use over a period of time, e.g. 4GB usage can be set up and then stopped, which will completely disable the mobile data once the user reaches the limit.

Use data saver mode

All phones running Android 8 and later are called Data Saving Mode, which works when the phone is not connected to a “WiFi” network and can not effectively run applications and services that are not used. This slows down the mobile to use the data in the background, but it can be helpful if you are worried about exceeding the monthly data limit.

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Data saver mode is very easy to turn on and off and run in the background.

Restrict data usage to specific applications

Data saving mode can be useful, but it can be annoying if you restrict applications too much. Instead of turning it on and selecting apps that should not be controlled, you can select and control only those apps that use more data by opening Settings. Then tap Network & Internet and go to Internet, scroll down and select Non-Carrier, after which the user will get a list of all the apps that have used data in the last month and how many they have used. Allows you to drag a lot of data, stop it, and only use what is useful.

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