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Colors of the homeland | Al-Azhar Intermediate School for Science and Literature students now the end of 2021 Al-Azhar website


Al-Azhar’s electronic portal has announced that after a long wait, Al-Azhar has been plagued with anxiety and anticipation in the past from secondary students and parents. Now Al-Azhar Middle School is the end of 2021 For science and literature students, the conference announcing the results on the Al-Azhar portal website with name and seat number ended a short while ago, so students are close to deciding their future after a long academic year full of students. Dangers of corona.

Al-Azhar Gate is published with seat number .. Al-Azhar Secondary School End of 2021, Science and Literature

Al-Azhar Middle School for Science and Literature students with the name and seat number on the Al-Azhar Intermediate School to get the results of 2021, Al-Azhar Secondary students and parents can easily access the Al-Azhar Portal by writing the website and seat number, and due to the high turnout, the site It is currently facing a very sluggish situation and some students and parents are finding it difficult to access it due to pressure to verify the decision.

If you visit the site to get the results of Al-Azhar High School 2021 for Science and Literature students on the website Al-Azhar Gate Name and seat number and the student does not remember his seat number, the result can be found by entering the national number or passport number for non-Egyptian students.

How to get the result of Al-Azhar Middle School by name and seat number

Enter the results of Al-Azhar Middle School 2021 on the Al-Azhar Portal website, click on the Al-Azhar Institute field, select the link for Al-Azhar Secondary Results 2021, and enter the Al-Azhar Secondary Certificate Result, and the student’s national number .

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Yesterday evening, the Grand Imam, Ahmed Al-Tayeb, Sheikh of Al-Azhar Al-Sharif, made phone calls to the first students whose names were announced, including 5 boys in the 100% Final Graduate Science field, and a woman in the literature category won first place with 99.5% marks. He was also one of the first blind students, principals:

– Ahmed Mohammad Kamal Suleiman from the Taghlia Governorate.

– Amir Mohammed Fahmi Emara from the Cairo Governorate.

– Mohammed Tamar al-Marzouki Hussein from the Taqahlia Governorate.

– Muhammad Muhammad Hassan Ali from Sharqia Governorate.

Mahmoud El-Saeed Mahmoud Abdel-Fatta from Sharqia Governorate.

– Nakla Yusuf Kamal Mahmood from the Associate Governorate.

– Essam Mohammed Ibrahim El-Sayyid from the Government of Karbia.

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