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Colors of the homeland | It has now appeared .. High school results with name and seat number across the country


Circumstances after a year of misery, long waits and hardships are not normal, high school results now appear with name and seat number, so students have the opportunity to inquire about the outcome of their efforts throughout an academic year in exceptional circumstances with the new education system and corona virus infection.

High school students can learn about this High school results By name and seat number across the country, click the link below and follow the instructions below:

High school results with name and seat number across the country

The student must click the link High school results First by name and seat number.

After clicking on the previous link, you should follow these steps to get high school results with name and seat number:

  • Enter your seat number or name
  • Click End

Also when the student enters the previous link, if the final marks are outside 410, he will get the details including his full marks and the total marks he got.

Turn off High school results In the most difficult situations this year by name and seat number, students have to resort to online study and rely on the “Babel Sid” system, and many exam times came to ensure that students get the marks they deserve for themselves. Any injustice.

12 subjects are added to the total score

The subjects that make up the calculated and finalized grades and are added to the total are 12 subjects: “Arabic, first foreign language, second foreign language, geography, history, chemistry, biology, philosophy and logic, psychology and sociology, physics, geography and environmental sciences, mathematics.” Apply.

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Education Minister Dr. Tariq Shaqi described the general second grade class of 2021 as an “exceptional block” as the success rate in the science and literature sections reached 75%. Students should focus on the next academic level, which is the university level.

Shaqi was keen to congratulate the Prime Minister by mentioning their names during a press conference held today in coordination with the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, the latter noting that the co-ordination for universities will begin on Saturday, August 21st. And it will continue for only 5 days as the first phase of universities, i.e. expiring on August 25th.

At the beginning of the press conference which started at 1:00 pm, the Minister of Education inspected, Names of first high school students 2021.

To get a high school result Click here

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