June 6, 2023

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منطقة «أرض العرب» الموجودة في المريخ

Colors of the homeland | NASA solves one of the mysteries of the “Arab land” located on Mars

In the “Arab land” region of Mars, scientists have long observed a number of mysterious scenes, for which they have not found an explanation. It gives a sloping and terrace look.

Now, NASA scientists have discovered a new clear explanation for the formation of these craters, which have erupted thousands of large ancient volcanoes in the region, with a recent study calling them “super eruptions” in the northern region. Tuesday It is known as the “Arabian Terra” or “Land of the Arabs”, dating back 500 million years, with a history of almost 4 billion years.

The discovery was made by researchers who studied the region’s topography and mineral composition, and the results were published in a research paper in the journal Geophysical Research Letters, according to the American “Fox News” network.

Previous explanations for the reasons for terraces

“We first discovered 7 calderas, and this caldera was initially thought to be a caldera,” said Patrick Willie, a geologist at the Goddard Space Center in Knots. But in 2013, scientists noticed that there were no signs of themselves doing so.

And Willie continued: “We followed all the research that says these are holes Volcano The depression caused by the asteroid collision, we decided whether or not to prove it, we looked for ash from the volcanoes because that evidence could not disappear.

Working with volcanologist Alexandra Mathila Novak at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory, the team explored their surface minerals.

Using images from the Mars Recovery Orbiter Imaging Spectrometer, they examined the walls of the caldera and craters, and found that volcanic minerals had turned to dust in the water.

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Scientists have created 3D topographic maps of “Arabia of Mars” and compared mineral data with maps to see well-preserved gray matter.

Why is this region called the land of Arabia?

The aforementioned area is located north of the red planet, and there are many craters and craters that indicate its age because it indicates its age. One of the features of nature in the Arabian Peninsula.