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Colors reflect the beauty and humanity of life


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The lines of beauty were well visible to the eye, finding them between the folds of the brushes that settled with pure stillness on the surface of the canvas. In writing, and they rest on the back of a wall, highlighting masterpieces of handwriting and Arabic writing.

The beauty lines she finds while conversing with Syrian artist Maisa al-Zukhair, where she does not deviate from the path of boredom, armed with art knowledge, accustomed her to jump like a butterfly. Beauty and the Arts Gardens.

Maysa Al-Zughayer, like her love of writing, loves colors and is accustomed to not moving her fingers from the scent of bright colors, she is not from a particular school, she chooses drama and its shooting locations to be part of its public scene, accepting the work of scenic design in places .

Mesa is a fine arts graduate from the University of Damascus who entered with full confidence to make his beautiful dream come true, about which he tells al-Bayani: “Studying fine arts was a dream come true for me, and it came true. For the applied arts that I never dropped out of my studies. ” And here she is, skilled in handicrafts, drawing and Harofia art, and loves its details, and finds the most beautiful way in which she can express herself. Says: “Art has a special place in my heart. I see him as an open view of the problems of society and of mankind in general.”

Although she was not fully aware of the plastic art she taught and taught to others and its distinct styles and colors, she chose to highlight her creativity in other fields of art as she chose to be a visual designer in drama and cinema. Sites, to elevate the balance of his experience in this field, which left a significant mark on the theatrical scene.

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Director Rasha Sharbatji’s “Breaking the Bone” is a play that still resonates in the memory of everyone who followed it on the small screen last Ramadan. Championship, and he says: “Break the Bone” represented a new experience for me, through which I tried to translate my inner feeling towards theatrical plot and scenes written on paper, which was also the case for the “single” series. , In which he observes the cruelty of life, “he adds:” We all feel the significance of the scenery in drama, drama and cinema, where they each have their own style and tools, yet they sometimes meet under one another. Mesa explains: “The importance of chinography is that at some point it becomes part of the theatrical scene, and sometimes becomes the hero of the work, and for me, I consider design. Also translates other aspects of the scene dramatically, so I need the design of the scenery.I have patience and perseverance.Meiza confirmed in his interview that designing the scenery is not an easy task.

He says: “For me, sometimes I have to re-read that scene so many times that I can stay in my imagination and create its aesthetic from an integrated scenario, and sometimes, I go in the direction of research and in-depth excavation, especially when choosing clothing and accessories. In relation to this it must be fully consistent with the plot of the play and the nature of the events and their development.


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